Nyeri, Kenya

Martin Mwangi

Full Stack Developer

With some years of experience in software development, I am dedicated to designing and developing User Interfaces and experiences focused on their emotions ( UI / UX ), used in web platforms and apps.


Experience and knowledge to highlight

+3 yearsDesigning and Developing web applications using ReactJs, NextJs and NodeJs (MERN Stack), etc

+1 yearsDesigning and Developing mobile applications using React Native

+3 yearsUsing MERN Stack

Currently working with TypeScript, Nextjs, NestJs, Angular and .NET

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Contact me by WhatsApp, you will establish communication with me directly. You will be able to ask or make arrangement for further communications about any task you have.

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Programming Languages and Tools

React JS


Node JS

Tailwind CSS






Mongo DB











What I offer

Web Development

Convert your graphics and design into a live website.

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Responsive Website Design

Having a responsive layout means that your website fluidly resizes for optimal viewing regardless of the screen size or device (e.g.Desktop, iPhone, iPad).

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Dashboard Design

Implement Dashboards and admin panels for ecommerce products management, clinic management among other types of management systems

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featured projects

What I have worked on


Dashboard. Contains Calendar, Editor, Color Picker, kanban and lots of charts


Lottery app made with NextJs and Web3 (solidity and thirdweb)


Medium 2.0 App made with NextJs and Sanity.io


I love solving challenges. Some list for frontend ones


About Me

Martin Mwangi

Skills/Interests: JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Next, Express, Node, Redux, StyledComponents, CSS, HTML, Git, GitLab, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Ms SQL, Docker among others

My Work Experience

I've worked with all sorts of companies, leveling up my skills and teaming up with smart people. Here's the rundown:

Angular .NET Software Developer

ClearStar- The Jitu, Alpharetta, GA

  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams on Azure DevOps to deliver dependable background check solutions.
  • Proficient in C programming, demonstrating expertise in crafting robust and scalable applications.
  • Experienced in Microsoft SQL Server, implementing ADO.NET for effective database management and optimization.
December, 2023 - May, 2024

Software Developer - React(Next.js), .NET

TMS (Internal Project)- TheJitu, Kenya

  • Tech Skills: Proficient in React (Next.js) and .NET development for TMS (Internal Project) - TheJitu.
  • Project Contribution: Contributed to project success by implementing features and collaborating with the team.
  • Problem-solving: Applied innovative solutions to overcome technical challenges and enhance TMS application performance.
September, 2023 - December, 2023

Software Developer - Angular, .NET

Terra Technology- The Jitu, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Write modern, performant, and robust code for a diverse array of client and internal projects
  • Incorporated logic into the application to guarantee it adheres to business requirements and functions as expected.
  • Angular Testing: Implemented and conducted tests on Angular components to ensure robust and reliable software.
  • Code Maintenance: Managed and maintained clean, scalable code for enhanced software performance.
Jan 2022 - Jan 2023

Software Developer Intern

The Jitu, Nyeri, Kenya

  • Went through a training program on JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, and SQL Server Database.
  • Tasked with performing tests and writing reports to the supervisor.
  • Interfaced with clients on a weekly basis, providing technological expertise and knowledge.
Oct, 2021 - July, 2023

Positions Of Interest

React Js Developer
Node Js Developer
Angular Developer
Full Stack Developer
Lead Web Developer

Salary Range


Accepting custom offers

Per hour:

Accepting custom offers

NOTE: In case you have an idea for a project but you estimate that your budget may be very small, do not refrain from contacting me and presenting your project to me. I'm working to provide flexible payment methods that allow us to carry out great projects, without cost being a barrier.

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